We are specialists in providing small companies/businesses with accountancy services. The company has recently undertaken the opportunity to provide services to Academy schools that have or wish to be incorporated. The key to our service is that Jaki & Son has the capacity to deliver a bespoke service by adapting internal operations to deliver what the client needs.

This depends on a number of factors, including the nature of your business as well as your main objective for running a business. For example, if you simply want to generate as much income as possible without concern for expansion,branding, and want less reporting requirements, then self employment is more likely to me suitable for you. Visit our insights page for more information.

We have different packages for different client needs. This is because we understand that not every business is the same. Our service starts from £65 per month which includes end of year filing (for 1 company), Corporation Tax Return, Payroll for 1 employee and self assessment for 1 director. Our service is specifically designed to assist SMEs. Visit our accountancy packages page or contact us today for more information.

We are always happy to help small businesses because we know that the journey to starting or running your own business is not easy. Feel free to contact us and we will assist you as much as we can.

Accounting for Small Businesses

You are a small business owner with lots to do. We are professional Accounting specialist with experience serving entrepreneurs. Our integrated service model makes us a one stop shop for all your accounting needs.


Keep calm and trust Jaki & Son Ltd. We have perfected a complete accounting solution for fast-growing small businesses.


With all the tax breaks, annual requirements and endless forms, payroll can be a pain. Leave it to us so you can focus on the important things.


We turn your financial data into digestable information to help you make better decisions about your business.

Tax Service

From tax planning to tax audits, our team of professionals can cater to your personal and business tax needs including PAYE.

"You can only be in control of a business if you know what is happening. Operating without understanding the numbers is like flying without training so it is always useful to have a good pilot."

Why choose Jaki & Son LTD Services

JAKI & SON LTD accounting services know what your business needs to run smoothly​

We help our clients understand the numbers in order to allow them to make key management decisions. Jaki & Son Ltd can cater for both your financial and management accounting needs. When you engage our firm, we dig deep to understand you and your company so that we can help you with practical business consulting, that enables you to manage your business more efficiently.

Our services range from business bookkeeping to tax preparation and reporting. We serve a wide variety of small to medium sized businesses. Geographical location is not factor when it comes to Jaki & Son Ltd because we serve clients across the UK. Irrespective of the kind of company you run, we are up to the task of addressing your unique needs. Contact (add link) us today to find out what we can offer you and your business.

"For a professional service you need to work with real professionals. We recently learned this the hard way......"

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