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We are specialists in providing small companies/businesses with accountancy services. The company has recently undertaken the opportunity to provide services to Academy schools that have or wish to be incorporated. The key to our service is that Jaki & Son has the capacity to deliver a bespoke service by adapting internal operations to deliver what the client needs.

Our CEO and Communications Director created Jaki & Son Ltd after working and dealing with the accounts of the family business for 3 years. During this time he observed many of the issues small companies face and realised that current accountancy firms focus more on reactive accounting rather than proactive accounting. Small businesses often want to expand, however, accountants that can offer the level of service your business requires may be too expensive. Jaki & Son is affordable due to our innovative processes and company structure.

This is an accountancy firm created and run by entrepreneurs i.e. we understand the difficulties that small businesses and start-ups face. Our processes, as well as our fees, have been designed specifically for the small business owner(s) or entrepreneur(s) looking to grow his/her company. This is also applicable to Academy Trust schools that seek an accountant that will take the time to understand their needs in order to create value.

Our aim is to be an extension of your company rather than simply being a service provider. We examine and observe your needs and provide helpful tips where necessary. For example, if we observe that you a spending excessively on telephone calls – we will research or try to find better options available to you on our own accord.

Our mission is not only to provide accountancy services but also to build wealth for our clients. Hence, part of our business model is based on extending our services by providing access to various investment opportunities for our clients. There are many benefits that come with investing some of your profits in the long run. 

Not only do we provide a service but we want to add value beyond the norm. Our innovative approach is essentially what we feel is lacking in the current market. Accountants are often too focused on bookkeeping/filing records but focus less on areas that create value.

To see what we can do for your business or to find out more about us, please contact us today.