Accountancy Services

Jaki & Son Ltd is a specialist accountancy services provider for small companies including Academy Schools.

Role of organisation is to improve efficiency and educate small business owners about their finances. Rather than just simply filing your accounts your accounts, we explain the implications of entries and how they affect your business or school.

From just £65 per month – you can count on an affordable and reliable service. Contact Us Today For a Free Consultation. We understand the needs of small businesses which is why we have a legal partner. Book your Free Legal Session today.

The services we offer

Preparing Financial Accounts



Self Assessment for directors

Company Registration

Filling Confirmation Statement (Annual Return)

Building Management Accounting Processes

Tax Return for the self-employed and partners

Who Can Benefit From Our Service

Are you an entrepreneur that requires affordable and reliable accountancy support?

Are you in a partnership that requires reliable accountancy services?

Are you a self-employed individual with or without a registered company? Registering a company is easy – find out today how operating as a company may benefit you!

Are you a small company that requires accountancy support that is proactive?

If this is you, contact us today to see what we can offer you

Small Company Accounting

Preparing Your Accounts

We understand that businesses have different requirements. For example, running a B2B business has different implications to running a B2C business. However, you can be rest assured that Jaki & Son will provide you with the bespoke accounting service that you require. Visit our accountancy packages page for more information.


  • We can prepare your accounts annually by charging an hourly rate
  • Send your records before any filing deadlines and leave the rest to us
  • This is the traditional method of filing Accounts


  • You can send us your records every month for us to file
  • You pay a monthly fee (from £45 for the first year)
  • You get the full benefit of proactive accounting
  • You get clearer visibility on your finance


  • You can send your records quarterly for us to file
  • Still pay monthly and have the piece of mind of a guaranteed price for the service. You know what to pay and when to pay it.
  • More value for money
  • It allows the scope for proactive accounting