Confirmation Statement

Filing Confirmation Statement

From June, 30th 2016 the confirmation statement replaced what is formerly known as an annual return. Companies House requires that all companies file a Confirmation Statement annually which confirms the information they hold, in relation to the company, is correct and up to date. Confirmation Statements are filed directly through Companies House and every statement carries an annual filing fee of £13 when completed online. All changes to the company must be updated with each Confirmation Statement that is filed.

The company must ensure its Company Register (must be held at the company’s registered address) is updated with all the necessary changes before filing a Confirmation Statement. If the company’s information is held on the public register – a Company Register is not required. It is a criminal offence not to file the Confirmation Statement within 14 days of the end of the review period. For new companies, the review period covered by a company’s first Confirmation Statement begins on the date of incorporation and ends 12 months later. For existing companies, the review period is the period of 12 months beginning the day after the last review period.

A company can file its Confirmation Statement at any time during the review period (if it so chooses). The period covered by a specific confirmation statement is known as the confirmation period. Thus a confirmation period can be shorter than the review period, but it cannot exceed the review period. As a result, companies can also choose to file more frequently than once a year. There are no additional costs associated with filing a Confirmation Statement with Jaki & Son Ltd as part of our Accountancy Packages (only pay £13). Contact us to find out more about filing a Confirmation Statement as a standalone service.